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Find Your All Pending Requests in Facebook

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Sometimes we send a lot of Friend Requests to people and wait for their approval. But some people don't accept our request and just ignore it, If you are inquisitive and want to know how many of your requests are either pending or have not been accepted, you simply cannot, since Facebook does not provide any such facility. It is the lack of such a feature that has inspired me to develop this application, that lets you find out which friends have yet to accept or have completely ignored the requests that you sent them on Facebook.

For finding you all Pending Requests Follow these steps..

  • Clink on this link Click me and you will see official web page of Facebook Application for Find your Pending Requests.
  • Then  Click on Enter Image in application and you will be redirected to Facebook for Application authentication permission. (you will be ask for publish_stream permission which are mandatory. Don't worry nothing personal things will be published only one time app promotion add is published on your wall)
  • Now you have to follow three Steps to find your all requests.
  • Step-1 Click on button displayed as click me.
  • Step-2  After Click on button you will see popup window with some random information in it. You have to copy the whole matter and paste it in the text box in main page. (To select the data in Popup window you have to use Ctrl+A because data size very huge approx 80000 character for 500 friends in friend list) .
  • Step-3 Now press Submit button. you have to wait for some seconds because this procedure may take some time depending on your data size.

If you found any Bug or have any suggestion for me please feel free to post in suggestion box.

Note : This Application does not work properly with Internet Explorer.

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